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The Class Theme:

2009 = Cooking
2010 = Serving
2011 = Mentor
2012 = Ferverent Love
2013 = Motivate

Sunday school class Topic for 2013

The Holy spirit

The Church

The Universal & Local church

Priesthood of Christ

Epistle to Galatians CH 1, 2, 3, 4

Sunday school class Topic for 2012

Proverbs ch 1

Revelations Ch 1 -

Sunday school class Topic for 2011

01/23/2011 – 11/20/2011


True Wisdom (Daniel 12:3)

Footsteps of Jesus

Psalms 27

 Facts about the Bible

Revelation 1

Bible Prophecies

Joshua 1 – 5

Angles in the Bible

Isaiah 53


James 1: 1-27

James 2: 1-26


2/7/2010 – 12/ 26/2010

Roshan Mathew Benny A Sachin Saju Christy Johnson

Jeney Simon

Sherrin Samuel Linda Mary J.



The Gospel of Matthew

Writer : Matthew
Theme: Christ the King
Time : 2 B.C.– 33 A.D
Place Written : Palestine AD 50

Matthew 1:1-17  the genealogy of Jesus 
Matthew 1:18-24  how Jesus' birth came about
Matthew 2:1-12  the visit of the Magi
Matthew 2:13-18  the escape to Egypt, massacre of the innocents
Matthew 2:19-23  the return Egypt to Nazareth 
Matthew 3:1-12 John the Baptist prepares the way
Matthew 3:13-17 the baptism of Jesus
Matthew 4:1-11 the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness
Matthew 4:12-17 Jesus begins this work in Galilee
Matthew 4:18-25 the calling of the first disciples

Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus' beatitudes
Matthew 5:13-16 salt and light
Matthew 5:17-19 the fulfillment of the law
Matthew 5:20-26 teaching about anger
Matthew 5:27-32 teaching about adultery and divorce
Matthew 5:33-37 teaching about oaths
Matthew 5:38-42 teaching about retaliation
Matthew 5:43-48 love for enemies

Matthew 6:1-18 teaching on almsgiving, prayer, and fasting
Matthew 6:19-23 riches in heaven
Matthew 6:24-34 God and possessions
Matthew 7:1-5 avoiding judgment
Matthew 7:6-14 the power of prayer and the golden rule
Matthew 7:15-20 a tree and its fruits
Matthew 7:21-29 the true disciple of Jesus

Matthew 8:1-4 Jesus heals a leper
Matthew 8:5-17 Jesus heals Centurions servant and others
Matthew 8:18-22 the would-be followers of Jesus
Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus calms a storm at sea
Matthew 8:28-34 Jesus heals two men with demons

Matthew 9:1-8 Jesus heals a paralyzed man
Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus calls Matthew
Matthew 9:14-17 the question abut fasting
Matthew 9:18-26 official's daugher and woman with hemorrhage
Matthew 9:27-31 Jesus heals two blind men
Matthew 9:32-38 Jesus heals a mute person

Matthew 10:1-7 Jesus calls twelve to be his apostles
Matthew 10:7-15 the mission of the twelve
Matthew 10:16-23 coming persecutions
Matthew 10:24-33 courage under persecution
Matthew 10:34-11:1 Jesus: a cause of division


Topic Discussion :




Gospel of Matthew CH 1 – 10

v Walking in the footsteps of Jesus

v Facts about the Bible

v Genealogy

v Names of Jesus Christ

v BC & AD

v How to Pray

v Meaning of Gifts to Jesus by the wise man

v Purpose & life of John the Baptist

v Dinosaurs

v Revelation 13 – Four living creatures

v Daniel’s vision about the statue

v Baptism

v Christian Life

v Way to heaven

v Salvation

v Jesus the Light of the World

v Treasures / Trinity

v If God calls are you ready

v Do not worry about tomorrow

v A country called Heaven

v Believe / Faith / Confess

v Roman Rode

v Knowing the word of God

v Standing on your Faith

v Being a Good Example

v Leprosy

v Keeping clean

v Attitude / behavior

v The message & Future


Facts about the Bible :

Ř  66 Books of the Bible

Ř  The 10 Commandments

Ř  10 Plagues of Egypt

Ř  12 Disciples

Ř  7 sayings of Jesus on the Cross






The true God.



The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham

Respect to our fathers - The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham

His Name: "Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham" - The name "Jesus" is an English transliteration of the Greek Iesous, which is a transliteration of the Hebrew Yeshua.

"Christ" is from Christos - meaning anointed

The Messiah's proper name, Yeshua - verse 21

The term "Son of David" is a "Messianic title found throughout Jewish literature

1:21 For you shall call His name "Jesus"

1:22 "Lord"

1:22 Prophecy

1:23 "Virgin"

1:23 "Emmanuel/Imanuel"
IM = with
ANU = us
EL = Elohim

More on The Names of the Lord = http://www.smilegodlovesyou.org/names.html


Prophesy - And concerning His incarnation, "Behold, a virgin shall be with Child, and shall bring forth a Son; and they shall call his name Immanuel

and that the angel said to Joseph in a dream, "Now this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, Behold, a virgin shall be with child."

Matt. 1:20

For she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus; for He shall save His people from their sins


What is the meaning of AD & BC....?

AD: The meaning of AD is Anno Domini or Year of our Lord referring to the year of Christ’s birth.

BC: The meaning of BC is  Before Christ.

4004 BC- 3004 BC Adam to Methusaleh
3004 BC - 2348 BC Ends with the Flood
2348 BC - 2004 BC Begins with the Flood
2004 BC - 1754 BC  Abraham
1754 BC - 1504 BC  Joseph in Egypt
1504 BC - 1254 BC  Exodus 
1254 BC - 1004 BC  Judges to Solomon
1004 BC - 754 BC Division of Kingdoms
754 BC - 504 BC Assyrian and Babylonian Captivities, Daniel
504 BC - 254 BC Esther

254 BC - 1 AD Ptolemies govern Jews, Rome governs Jews
1 AD - 250 AD Ministry of Christ, Scattering of the Jews
250 AD - 500 AD Constantine and Ladocia Council

500 AD - 750 AD Birth of Mohammed, Rise of Catholic church and Papacy
750 AD - 1000 AD
1000 AD - 1500 AD
1500 AD - 1999 AD

Bible World History Timeline 1 AD - 250 AD

 Online Timeline Index     Amazing Bible World History Timeline Home Page




1 AD - 50AD

                  50AD - 150AD

                    150AD - 250AD











      Ministry and Crusifiction of CHRIST 30-33
                     The Apostolic Ministry begins 33
                       Apostles slain exept John 63-67
                             Jerusalem taken by Titus 70
                             John banished to Patmos 90

Flavius Josephus(Histrorian)              Martyr worship introduced at Rome
       Jews in great number exterminated 135
              Hadrian takes Jerusalem                 Infant  baptism.   Sprinkling.
Jews scattered among all nations Deut. 28:64

ARABS                                    Kingdom of Yemen- Himyrites Dynasty

Germans defeat Romans       Arminius;   14
at Teutoburg Forest  9         Deceit vs. Romans

Marcomanni (markmen)       Westward drift of 
against Marus Aurelius         Hunnish people.
                                            Tartars and Turks.

Saxons on the German ocean 

Tiberius  14                    Titus   79
      Caligula 37                     Domitian  81
        Claudius  41                         Trojan  98
            Nero  54
              Vespasian  69

Hadrian  117 (Spanish)
         Antonius Pius  138
              Marcus Aurelius  161
                               Commodius  180
                                    Septimus Servius  192

Alexander Servius  222
                   Decius 249


                                                         Egypt under Roman Control

Pliny (historian)
Britain a Roman province  41
                          Nero burned Rome
                    Pompeii destroyed  79
                              Scotland to Rome  81

Rumania and Transylvania Subjeted  101
        Parthians conquered  116
   Rome has greatest territorial posessions  117
                       Beginning of Romes decline  180

General persecution of Christians

                    Buddhism spreads in China, Indo-China, Thibet, and Japan


Japan                Shrouds of mystery surrond the early history of Japan. 

China  System of tithing advocated

        Time of incessant warfare

Literacy activities, 7 Schools of Chang-An



Matthew 2:2

"Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him."

11On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.

U tube video = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppBpHZKbQNE


The Beginning

Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?See full size image




"Behemoth" - Job ch 40 & 41

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Dates for Sunday school exams:

v Shot message  = Sunday December 12th

v Written test = Sunday December 26th


Rules for the Message:

-         1) The message should be your own

-         2) Time : Min 3 – Max 5

-         3) Topic : Worship thoughts, God’s Love, A thought on Salt of the earth.

-         4) should be loud and clear

-         5) judged on topic selection, presentation,


Written test:

-         All questions must be answered

-          Questions are from the lessons covered and topics discussed in class during the year

-         Notes can be found at : http://www.oklahomabrethrenassembly.org/ssclass/jobysclass.html